Greenberry Organics Pure Rose Water Face Mist and Toner | Review

Greenberry Organic’s Pure Rose Water Face Mist and Toner

Rose is an epitome of beauty.  It has been inculcated within beauty regimes from the ancient times. Rose helps in calming and relaxing the skin and also curbs production of excess oil.

I was looking for a good quality  Rose Water and I came across the brand Greenberry Organics. The Greenberry Organic’s Pure Rose Water Face Mist and Toner is a steam distilled preparation without any added colors, preservatives and alcohol making it the safest and purest virgin water to be applied on your face.


This product can be use as a toner, or in face packs or simply to refresh your face.

Price: Rs.575/- for 100 ML

What brand promises:

▶Handmade with Love

▶Against Animal Testing

▶No Sulphates and Parabens

▶Environment Safe Packaging

▶Assorted and Ethical Sourcing

▶100% Natural & Vegan Products



This 2 in 1 product comes in a plastic transparent bottle with a spray nozzle. Since the plastic isn’t opaque, you can see the amount of product left within the bottle. It comes with an additional plastic cap to prevent it from leaking.  The packaging is  compact, light weight, travel friendly & leak proof.



I carry this mist in my bag because, Mumbai is humid and secondly, I already have an oily face. Adding a layer of moisturizer on my face makes it worst. So I prefer using something which is very light but at the same time makes my skin soft and healthy. This rose water fits in perfectly!

At first I felt it was slightly sticky for my skin but later I realized that only 2 to 3 spritzes are enough for my skin. It instantly gives refreshment and hydration without being heavy on the skin. It also works amazing as a toner and base for your makeup. Spray this on before applying your foundation/BB cream for it to glide on smoothly.  I also love adding this to my homemade face pack. Also you can soak a cotton ball in the rose water and place it on your eyes to soothe over strained eyes after a tiring day.

The smell of the rose water is not at all overpowering. It has a mild sent of freshly picked roses.

It’s a little pricey for rose water so it’s advisable to grab these on sale. It’s currently on sale on Amazon so check it out.

I highly recommend this one as it’s a natural and organic product, It’s suitable for all skin types and you get multiple use from it. Definitely planning to repurchase it as already my favorite.

Buy It Here:

Prettiness Quotient: 4/5


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